Tutto e nulla
Di oretta (del 19/05/2009 @ 15:14:43, in 000 per l'arte di Pierpaolo Lista, linkato 16615 volte)

Pierpaolo Lista

Tutto e nulla i progetti e le parole

sassi e legni sbalzati a confrontarsi

nell'acqua dello stagno o dentro il fiume

cerchi d'onde e fracasso sopra e sotto.

Le aiuole coi giardini e i boschi cedui

frutti semi mattoni pietre tegole

poco o tanto pensare e condividere.

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# 1
Wow! What an elegant ,beautifully anippoted home. I love the colors and all of the opulence. Yet it still feels very liveable. The mouldings and architecture are wonderful and then I see a balcony with a black and white striped awning. I just posted awnings as a want on my Someday list a few days ago on my blog. Love all of the images, thankyou for sharing. Kathysue
Di  GbyhxVdust5  (inviato il 21/01/2015 @ 07:03:51)
# 2
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# 3
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# 4
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