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# 46
It would work the same as insurance for cotemsic surgery the only people who would buy it, would be the ones who want to use it, and accordingly, it would be extremely expensive. There's no "sharing of risk" for INTENDED events. It's just a prepayment plan, with extra built in, so the insurance company can administer the claims. Was this answer helpful?
Di  stmRgDmk2yl  (inviato il 22/01/2015 @ 19:08:55)
# 47
Apnaerptly this is what the esteemed Willis was talkin' 'bout.
Di  fOgQqZ59qku  (inviato il 23/01/2015 @ 06:51:24)
# 48
Thinking like that is really imeissprve
Di  N6bQKE77uc  (inviato il 23/01/2015 @ 11:00:25)
# 49
Gee whiz, and I thughot this would be hard to find out.
Di  Sb3n0uPh  (inviato il 23/01/2015 @ 14:29:04)
# 50
I guess if it is not prohibited in the Constitution it could be aloewld. The constitution is a flexible thing, anyway. It is subject to changes, and it should be apparent that after more than 200 years, additions or modifications should be considered when needed. The world changes, and we must adapt and change with it in my opinion. Should we say that people with no health insurance will get no care unless they are wealthy? I guess that would be fair to the rest of us who are tired of carrying those who don't. Was this answer helpful?
Di  MlKWAlKYKa  (inviato il 23/01/2015 @ 23:39:34)
# 51
It is intended to save the gonernmevt money and with the reforms it will insure millions of people who were rejected for coverage or couldnt afford it. There is a religious exemption and the Amish qualify under that. The IRS tax penalty is in the Constitution. When you buy insurance from an exchange and get a tax credit that is constitutional. Was this answer helpful? http://fycosdk.com [url=http://wzqnjbnpzm.com]wzqnjbnpzm[/url] [link=http://mrojqvyozr.com]mrojqvyozr[/link]
Di  4zE9Qd0HtwQ  (inviato il 24/01/2015 @ 04:47:59)
# 52
Home run! Great slgigung with that answer!
Di  JEerByZQY  (inviato il 24/01/2015 @ 07:03:00)
# 53
You're the gretseta! JMHO
Di  R8m6GWQL6m  (inviato il 24/01/2015 @ 10:49:48)
# 54
That's more than selsbine! That's a great post!
Di  Ug9OvGhQi2IN  (inviato il 24/01/2015 @ 14:21:36)
# 55
One other question: Have you look at what the piremums will jump to after that next term? Gauranteed $250 will seem cheap when you look at what it will jump to next. That next time you'll be betting $250/month that you will die within the next 5 years by age 63. After that what $500 a month that you'll die before age 68. Then you'll be betting $800 a month that you'll die by 73. Why not bet $300 a month now and bet that you'll die at some point and not worry about how old you'll be when you die? (PS: those numbers are just guesses as to what the piremums will go upIt really depends why you are buying the insurance in the first place.Are you protecting a temporary need or a perminant need?Temorary needs are things that will go away after a certain period of time. Temporary needs may include (but not limited to):Debt paymentMortgage paymentChild care for young childrenmaking sure the kids get through schoolproviding your spouse with income for a couple years to greivePerminant needs are something that will never go away whater you die tomorrow or 40 years from now. Perminant needs may include (but not limited to):Funeral costsAdmin feeslawyers feesFinal years income taxesEstate taxesCharitable giviing/legacy fundIf it's temporary needs go with Term. If it's perminant needs go with whole life.I like to relate it to housing. Term in like renting a house. It's ussually a temprorary fix. Yes it's cheaper, but you'll never own it. The landlord can kick you out eventually (Term will expire at age 80 or 85) and there's nothing you can do about it. The landlord can also jack up the rent every few years (IE: piremums increasing) and if you sell it (cancel the policy) you get nothing back just hand back the keys and they thanks for your time.Whole life is like buying a house. It's a more suitable long term solution. Yes, it's a little more money, but you never have to worry about getting kicked out, or the rent going up. You also build up equity (cash value) so if you do decide to move on, you'll get something back out of it in the end.And for the Buy Term and Invest the Rest folks it's a good stategy in theory, but it's not suitable for everyone and often doesn't work out as planned. People sometimes aren't disaplined or knowledgable enough to invest the rest, do it right and leave it there. It should not be preached as a one size fits all solution because it clearly isn't.
Di  LJLzLOmSCM3x  (inviato il 25/01/2015 @ 01:35:36)
# 56
Home insurance ptcerots the building itself against fires, damage, etc. Mortgage insurance ptcerots the lender against you not paying on the loan. If you stop paying, they get some money from that insurance fund that everyone pays into. Sucks, doesn't it? Why can't the lender foot the bill to protect themselves? I guess they could, and then they would simply charge you more with a higher interest rate. In my opinion, the whole real estate industry sucks. Lenders, mortgage brokers, appraisers, real estate agents, etc. are all semi-scam artists. They all perpetuate this lie that owning is SO MUCH BETTER than renting, and it's simply not always true. Ask the people who are now having their mortgages reset at sky-high rates if they were better off renting or owning. I was looking at buying a condo a year ago, but after the HOA and all the other fees that basically go to nothing except making the scam artists richer, I decided against it. One thing a lot of people forget is that if I'm paying out $300 less per month by renting instead of owning, I can take that extra money and invest it, just like home ownership is an investment. But at least I'm not paying an HOA, insurance, maintenance, higher utility bills, property taxes, etc., which are costs that do NOT go towards me owning anything.
Di  cpDLTEkLVa  (inviato il 25/01/2015 @ 02:59:03)
# 57
Thanks for sttirang the ball rolling with this insight.
Di  oXSf4mRrw  (inviato il 25/01/2015 @ 07:17:26)
# 58
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Di  kJ8ddD399Jg  (inviato il 25/01/2015 @ 07:56:29)
# 59
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Di  qEpjLblc  (inviato il 25/01/2015 @ 08:44:23)
# 60
Assuming you are in the US an MRI can easily run 2000-2500. Plus you will have to pay serveal hundred to the radiologist who reads the MRI.If you have health insurance, you pay per your health insurance plan. Call the customer service for your health insurance and ask them about your plan details. Most health insurance companies have an approved charge that is about 60% of what the providers normal charge is. You would pay your co-pay amount (ex: 20%) of the approved charge.If you do not have health insurance, the hospital will bill you the full price. You can call them and set up a payment plan- say 100 per month. This is usually interest free. As long as you make your payments every month- they will not put it on your credit. If you can pay them a lump sum, they may be willing to negotiate with you and accept less.
Di  1NqnK42Lc  (inviato il 25/01/2015 @ 09:07:11)
# 61
I told my kids we'd play after I found what I needde. Damnit.
Di  e0NVQEIPU5  (inviato il 25/01/2015 @ 10:48:16)
# 62
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Di  4fqr5Od6S  (inviato il 25/01/2015 @ 11:14:06)
# 63
Democrats: Use the power of government to bienfet the population through things like protecting the environment and helping make health care insurance available for more people. Republicans: Use the power of government to force a woman seeking a legal medical procedure they don't approve of to pointlessly have an 8 inch probe shoved up her vagina. How's that for keeping government out of your lives. Yes I do believe that rhetoric. Perhaps you should look up the word rhetoric.
Di  EO36VA9ZW6E  (inviato il 25/01/2015 @ 12:59:42)
# 64
Paying for birth control pills is cheap. Paying for pre natal care and live birhts is expensive. A difficult' birth costs a lot more. Does the GOP/tea/Fox/Jesus party believe that a health insurance company would even sell a policy like that? If they did the premium would break the bank. Exactly where is the economic logic for this opposition to full health care benefits for women?
Di  eYeAG2U26  (inviato il 25/01/2015 @ 19:29:41)
# 65
A little rationality lifts the quality of the debate here. Thanks for cotbtinuring!
Di  qj2hqO644fb  (inviato il 26/01/2015 @ 08:42:58)
# 66
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Di  TvSkzdwL  (inviato il 26/01/2015 @ 11:36:32)
# 67
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# 68
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# 69
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Di  o6TwLnIO2G  (inviato il 09/05/2015 @ 12:37:48)
# 70

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