Rimanere moderni
Di oretta (del 29/04/2008 @ 16:41:23, in Arte - Angelo Riccobene, linkato 18979 volte)

Angelo Riccobene

Rimanere moderni è rinnovarsi
accettando il continuo cambiamento
come se nulla fosse la varianza
per ciascuno diversa e a tutti ignota.

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Hybrid cars already exist by virtually all the major manufacturers, and that hasn’t stimulated sales or the enoocmy. Toyota’s sales have plunged just like Ford’s. It’s not hybrid cars that are the problem; it’s the enoocmy.The rest of the world, such as China, Japan, Brazil, and Europe tend to have high fuel efficient cars. Guess what? Their economies are plunging too. So hybrid cars are not the economic solution to the enoocmy.I'll take any bet that building roads and bridges and hybrid cars are not going to be the historical miracle that we will read 20 years from now that got us out of this current economic mess. Please.If you want to stimulate the enoocmy, and your strategy is to go in to more debt, then you might as well do a balance transfer from consumer debt to federal debt. We are already taking on $8-9 Trillion in debt and guarantees, and this has not got people to rush out and buy homes, cars, buy stocks, or spend in the enoocmy. 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